Candle Color Correspondences

The attributes listed here are meant only as suggestions. There are far more qualities attributed to colors than listed here. The best method of choosing a candle for your ritual or spell is to listen to your intuition. Color isn’t as important as what you internally put into your spell or ritual. Remember that candles and such are merely tools, they are not necessary to accomplish your goal.   Candle Color Correspondences

RED Passion, courage, physical strength, sex, defensive magick, element of Fire, force of will, vitality, victory.
PINK Love, compassion, friendship, kindness, emotional healing
MAGENTA Swift changes, beauty
ORANGE Attraction, energy, stimulation, success, Sun rituals, power
YELLOW Communication, eloquence, intellect, confidence, travel, element of Air, swift changes, healing.
GREEN Money, prosperity, healing, growth, employment, element of Earth
BLUE Healing, psychic energy, creativity, joy, relaxation, peace, element of Water
LIGHT  BLUE Devotion, inspiration, peace, tranquility
INDIGO Deep meditation, karma work, opening psychic powers
PURPLE Spirituality, psychic healing, power, meditation, contact with spirits, wisdom.
BLACK Absorption of negativity, protection, banishing, used to represent the element of Akasha (spirit), scrying, hexing.
WHITE Protection, purification, moon work, used to represent the Goddess and the element of Akasha (spirit)
GOLD Connection with higher powers, used to represent the God, success, fortune, good luck.
SILVER Moon rituals, Goddess rituals, fortune, good luck.  
BROWN Money, business, home hunting, earth rituals.