Herbal Amulets

For Negative forces in the home

by: Illeva Abreva

At the front and back door of your house, hand two bunches of clover upside down. As you hang each bunch, feel the negative energy around you and direct it to each bunch. The cloves will then set out to fight the negativity around your house.

Protection for the House 

by: Illeva Abreva

Get a fresh, whole coconut, drain it, then, cut it in half. In a bowl mix fresh rosemary, basil, and half a cup of uncooked rice. Blend these together, then cover both halves of the coconut with the mixture. Fit eh coconut together and wrap a white ribbon around it to keep it shut. Go outside on a Sunday night and bury it in the backyard. It will protect your home and backyard.

Another Protection for the house

by: Illeva Abreva

With a red ribbon tie a bunch of garlic to the corner of your front door. It will protect you and your loved ones from negative vibes that may enter your house. Never let anyone use the garlic for anything else.  Herbal Amulets

Protection from Evil

by: Lady Deandra

Make four little blue drawstring bags, each the same size. Mix in a bowl dry angelica, Solomon’s seal and balm of Gilead buds. As you do this visualize your house protected from evil. Divide the mix into four equal amounts and fill each bag with it. Hang them or hide them in the four, corners of your house.

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