Fortune Incense Recipe

~ from the WhiteRose’s Herbal Magick collection ~

This one of the incense blends I created for my shop.  I had easy access to all these ingredients.  My apologies to those of you who have difficulty procuring them. I make some suggestions at the end to try to help you.


1 part bay leaves (torn or chopped)
1 part lavender buds (powder can be substituted)
1/2 part anise seeds or powder
1/2 part lemongrass

  1. Burn over charcoal in a well ventilated room. Fortune Incense
  2. Use while focusing on increasing your wealth.  Can be used during any related spell, ritual, or other magickal working.
  • Use only dried herbs.
  • Finely chopped and/or ground herbs work best.  Use a coffee grinder or food processor to chop herbs.  NEVER use a coffee grinder that has been, or will be, used for coffee (because coffee oils will survive washing as do various oils from herbs).
  • Can’t find an ingredient? I would recommend checking with your local pagan shop, spice stores, tea shops for ingredients, and online.  Grocery stores should be used as a last resort as the quality of the herbs sold isn’t the best (a lesson I learned once I opened my shop).

WhiteRose's Herbal Magick - Fortune Incense Recipe -

Please note:   These herbs are combined for their magickal properties, not their aromatic properties.