Grimoire of Enchantments

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As with all magickal practice, the practitioner is subject to the laws of the universe and the laws of karma.  Any attempts to violate those will be met by the three fold law.  This is not meant as a threat only a warning.  By using your intuition, common sense, respect, and Truth, Trust, Love and Giving, you need not have fear.  The information found here is freely given but do use it wisely.

The world of magic has no tolerance for conformity

If you are attempting to write your own spell or ritual and need to know what substitutions you can make or just which tools you can use you, this section provides just about everything – incense, oils, herbs, deities, and more that can assist you in accomplishing your goal.

The information offered comes from a variety of traditions and paths.  If you are looking for spells, rituals, & visualizations, please visit the Book of Shadows.

The Miscellaneous section is a collection of various types of information.  There is a table describing various natural fabric dyes, the Language of Flowers & Herbs, and Potpourri recipes.  On 4-3-03 I added a new section: The Folklore of Fossils.  This provides the folk names and beliefs surrounding many fossils.  When reading ancient spells it is important to realize that a spell asking for Snakes’ Eggs may not be asking for the actual eggs of a snake but for fossilized Balanocidaris.  Keep this in mind if you attempt to use an ancient spell or formula.


In many of my sections I reference Astral Seas, Ltd products.  I sold many of their products in my store including their incense, oils, and bath salts lines.  Many retailers carry them but I am occasionally asked where you can buy if no one local sells them. This is their website where they sell direct:

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