Spring Tea Recipe

~ Courtesy of Lady Phoenix Moonchild


This recipe is unlike Lady Moonchild’s other ones.  This one uses fresh herbs.  You are meant to brew a whole pot at once.


10 fresh Pineapple Sage leaves
16 fresh Lemon balm leaves
12 small Mint leaves
6 cups boiling water


Add leaves to a pot and pour in boiling water. Allow to steep for 5-10 minutes (adjust time to your tastes).

Spring Tea Recipe - WhiteRosesGarden.com

NOTE:  This recipe is provided for informational purposes only. Use at your own risk. Do not replace traditional therapies with herbal therapies without consulting your physician. Using herbs can cause serious side effects when used in conjunction with other medications, including over-the-counter medicines. Consult your physician or pharmacist before using any herb. A Spring Tea Recipe.

A Spring Tea Recipe.