Love Oil Recipe

~ from the WhiteRose’s Mystic Oils collection ~

This is the love oil I created for my shop.  I had easy access to all these ingredients.  My apologies to those of you who have difficulty procuring them. I make some suggestions at the end to help you. Love Oil Recipe

Use during spells, rituals, & other magical rites devoted to love.


1/4 oz of Grapeseed oil
7 drops of Rose oil
7 drops of Dragon’s Blood resin oil
4 drops of Jasmine oil
4 drops of Patchouli oil
3 Rose Quartz chips or 1 small piece
1 Rose bud (pink or red)

  1. Combine all oils.
  2. Add rose quartz and shake gently to combine the oils further.
  3. Add rose bud.
  4. Seal in an airtight container.  There is no need to strain out the rose bud.  Love Oil Recipe

Can’t find an ingredient? I would recommend checking with your local pagan shop, spice stores, tea shops, and online.  Grocery stores should be used as a last resort as the quality of the dried herbs sold isn’t the best (a lesson I learned once I opened my shop).

Love Oil Recipe - WhiteRosesGarden