Love & Friendship Magick

This section of the Grimoire details everything from herbs to Gods that can be used in creating your own love rites and spellwork.  Also included are the recipes for incense, oils, herbal baths, and other items I created for my shop.  The information provided comes from a variety of sources and traditions.*    Love & Friendship Magick

If you are looking for pre-written rituals & spells, please refer to the Book of Shadows.

Love & Friendship Magick - "Acme & Septimus" by Lord Frederick Leighton

“Acme & Septimus” by Lord Frederick Leighton

A Quick Note About Love Spells

DO NOT perform a rite in which you are attempting to gain the love of someone specific. You have no right to attempt to control someone else. Attempting to get someone specific often results terribly (at best) or absolutely nightmarish. Do not fool yourself into thinking that whatever bad things happen, at least you’ll be with that special someone. It NEVER works that way. I have personally known MANY, MANY people (as I owned a pagan shop) who tried this and had it blow up in their faces.

How, then, do you perform a love rite to attract someone special into your life? I believe that Yasmine Galenorn has the best love rite. For the full rite, see her book: Embracing the Moon: A Witch’s Guide to Rituals, Spellcraft and Shadow Work. Basically, begin by making a list of all the qualities your ideal mate would have – be specific and don’t worry about it being too long. Be realistic, don’t put “rock climber” and then realize you’re afraid of heights when they want to take you with them one weekend. Then make a second list of all the qualities you have to offer – be realistic and truthful. Then make a third list, detailing all the qualities you want the relationship to have.

Love spells can be wonderfully rewarding if done correctly. Remember, when setting your time frame (this goes for all spells), be generous, do NOT restrict the Higher Powers to “24 hours” or “two weeks.” Honestly, I feel three months is about minimum.

Good Luck & Blessings,
~ WhiteRose


*NOTE:  I try to include proper credit when & if known.  Due to the site’s age, I do not have working links to provide proper link backs to the original sources – and some of the sources are missing or unknown.  If you find your information here, or recognize the original source, please let me know so I can update and/or remove the information.  Love

& Friendship Magick