Pleasant Dreams Pillow

The herbs for this pillow induce pleasant dreams and a good nights sleep. Simply place the pillow on your bed and let the magic begin.  Pleasant Dreams Pillow

Herbs Needed:

(use only dried herbs)

  • 2 parts lavender
  • 2 parts jasmine
  • 2 parts chamomile
  • 1 part spearmint
  • 1 part red clover
Other Items:
  • 5-10 drops ‘Healing’ oil from Astral Sea, Ltd*
  • Cotton or Synthetic filler
  • 2 squares of fabric, approximately 6″ x 6″ each**

Sew the fabric squares as you would any pillow, leaving an opening to add the herbs. Mix the herbs together. Add the oil & mix well.  Allow the oils to absorb into the herbs for a few moments.  Stuff the pillow with the filler and then add the herbs. Add more filler if necessary.  Pleasant Dreams Pillow

Can’t Use an Herbal Dream Pillow? Make it a Pouch!

This can be converted into a charm by placing the herbs in an appropriately colored pouch instead.  Skip the filler entirely.  Just hang it close to your bed while you sleep.***

* You can purchase this oil online from You can also substitute any oil with an appropriate name or skip the oil altogether.

** When I made these for my shop I choose a patterned fabric, usually a light blue with white sparkly clouds.  Blues are best if using a solid color. P

*** CAUTION: do not place a corded pouch (one with a string closure) anywhere near your head or anywhere you or your pets can get caught and/or tangled up in it lest someone dies of strangulation.  Use common sense please!