Healing Candle Wreath

  • Create a wreath using bay leaves, cinnamon, eucalyptus, peppermint, sage, sassafras, and spearmint.
  • Place a candle in the center.
  • Burn the candle during healing meditations and rituals.  Healing Candle Wreath

Healing Candle Wreath - WhiteRosesGarden

Tips:  Healing Candle Wreath

The herbs can be placed loosely around the candle.  They do not need to be woven together in any way.  You can also keep the herbs around your altar during times of illness.

You can use herbs that fresh, dried, or a combination.  Use CAUTION when burning a candle around dried herbs or herbs with oils in them (like cinnamon)!!  They can easily catch fire.  Always keep water and/or a fire extinguisher close-by when using dried herbs near candles.