Planting a Faery Garden

All things in nature are sacred to the fae, however, like humans, they have particular favorites.  Attracting faeries to your garden is most easily achieved by keeping your plants healthy and weed free. This page highlights those plants, herbs and trees that are particular favorites of fae folk for those who wish to attract them.   After your garden is going strong you may want to officially invite them in by doing a small rite to welcome them.  Planting a Faery Garden

Carnations Red carnations attract faeries who enjoy healing animals.
Clover Very popular & sacred plant with faery folk. Clovers of all kinds will attract them. 
Cowslip Excellent for attracting faeries to your yard.  
Dandelion It is said that faeries make beverages with the dandelion 
Foxglove Plant to attract earth elementals 
Foxhollow Fairy This small evergreen is a favorite for attracting the fae
Heliotrope Plant to attract fire elementals 
Hollyhock The pink variety is a favorite of fae folk
Lilac Favored by the fae for its scent
Lobelia Plant to attract winged faeries
Pansy The bright colors help attract fae folk 
It is said that this plant gives fae folk their power of invisibility.  When planted in a garden or hung dried on the front door, primroses will attract the company of Faeries. If you have them growing under your care, do not let them die! The Faery will be deeply offended by your carelessness. Primroses are great in container gardens. Tie a pink ribbon around your container of Primroses while chanting:

“Sacred roses, hear my cry
for your protection, this I tie”

Shamrocks This form of clover is especially attractive to Celtic faeries
Bluebells Said to attract faeries to dance in your garden. 
Heather Said to ignite faery passions and open portals between their world and our own. Make an offering of Heather on Beltane eve to attract good fae to your garden
Milkweed Both Monarch butterflies and fairies like milkweed. If Milkweed is planted in a Witches garden, the fey will always be in the area.
Roses Roses are loved by the fey so you can plant Roses in your garden to attract fairies. Wild Roses are best for this purpose and you need to say the following spell as you plant your baby Rose bush:

“I ask a fairy from the wild,
To come and tend this wee rose-child.
A babe of air she thrives today,
Root her soul in the Goddesses’ good clay.
Fairies make this twig your bower,
By your magic shall time see her flower!”

Wild Thyme A potion made of this herb can help one to see faeries.
St. John’s Wort Helps protect against faeries
Sassafras Plant to attract air elementals 

Trees for a Faery Garden

Elder Sacred to the fae folk. Elder is said to offer protection to the faeries from negative spirits.
Hawthorne Sacred to the May Queen, fae folk and maiden Goddesses. It is also known as Witches’ Tree and is one part of a triad of trees that are said to be sacred to the Faery. Oak, Ash, and Thorn (i.e. Hawthorne), when growing naturally together, create a place where it is easy to see the Fey.
Apple Tree In order to ensure a bountiful harvest each year, the last apple from the previous year should be left for the tree’s guardian.
Oak Oak trees are believed to provide safe havens and homes for many varieties of faery.  Planting a Faery Garden

Planting a Faery Garden