Faery Flower Oil Recipe

This recipe was written by Laurie Cabot in Celebrate the Earth: A Year of Holidays in the Pagan Tradition. Her book contains other Fae related oil recipes.  I highly recommend picking up a copy!

  • 1 dram elder oil
  • 1 few dried rosebuds
  • 1 dram lavender oil

Warm slowing in an enameled saucepan. Let cool. Pour into magick bottles and use in spellwork and ritual anointing.

Faery Flower Oil Recipe


Can’t find an ingredient? I would recommend checking with your local pagan shop, spice stores, tea shops, and online.  Grocery stores should be used as a last resort as the quality of the herbs sold isn’t the best (a lesson I learned once I opened my shop).  Faery Flower Oil