Deities & Spirits of the Fae Folk

The table below lists Deities, Spirits and other Higher Powers that can be called upon for rituals, spells, and other magical work relating the Fae and other nature spirits.  As always, before working with any of them, do some research to become familiar with all of their facets, lest you be caught off guard by their ways.  Each Higher Power is unique in they way they approach a situation – some may be very straightforward, others brutal, and others gentle.  If you are unsure who to pick, you should instead begin with a spell written by someone else, or do a lot more research.  Do not rush into any magical work.  Take your time and understand your actions, and their potential consequences, fully before proceeding. Deities & Spirits of the Fae Folk

This page contains 3 charts.  The first is a list of deities & spirits from numerous pantheons.  The next is a list of Celtic deities, and finally is a list of Greco-Roman deities.

Name Pantheon / Mythos Gender / Description
Unkulunkulu Zulu God
Ninigi Japanese God
Enlil Mesopotamian God
Marduk Mesopotamian God
Ninhursag  Mesopotamian Goddess
El  Canaanite God
Nanna Norse Goddess
Nerthus Norse Goddess
Rusalky Slavic Water sprite who lives in streams
Mati Syra Zemlia  Slavic Goddess
Pachamac Incan God
Cred Paps of Anu Faery Queen
Raja Jinn Peri Malaysian King of the Fairies
Adaro Solomon Islands Sea Spirit
Atira Pawnee Goddess
Nokomis Algonquin Earth Mother
Gluskap  Algonquin Creator / Earth God
Kachinas Hopi Various Nature Spirits
Olelbis Wintun Creator God
Tekkeitserktock Inuit God
Torngasak Inuit Nature Spirit
Canotila Lakota Forest Dwellers
Capa Lakota Beaver Spirit – Lord of domesticity, labor & preparation
Cetan Lakota Hawk Spirit – Associated with the East, speed, dedication & good vision
Untunktahe Lakota Water Spirit


Celtic Deities


Name Pantheon / Mythos Gender / Description
Cernunnos Celtic God
Dagda Celtic God
Sucellus Celtic God
Eorann Celtic Goddess of woods
Flidhais  Celtic Woodland Goddess
Finncaev Powerful Faery Queen
Gyre-Carling Fife Faery Queen
Bean Si Faery Goddess
Aoibhinn North Munster Faery Queen
Aynia Ulster Faery Queen
Grain Faery Queen
Leanan-Sidhe Faery Mistress
Mab Faery Queen
Onaugh Most beautiful of the Faery Queens
Aine of Knockaine Welsh and Irish Faery Goddess
Green Man Irish, British, Welsh Nature Lord
Bri Irish Faery Queen


Greco-Roman Deities


Name Pantheon / Mythos Gender / Description
Gaia Greek Goddess, Universal Name for Mother Earth
Demeter Greek Goddess
Pan Greek God
Cybele Roman, Greek, Phrygia, & Asian Goddess
Flora Roman Goddess
Juno Roman Goddess
Tellus Mater  Ancient Roman Goddess
Acis Greek River nymph (male)
Calypso Greek Sea nymph
Echo Greek Mountain Nymph
Egeria Roman Oak Queen
The Muses Greek Nymphs of the springs
Na’iads Greek Nymphs of fountains and brooks
Nereid Greek 50 sea goddesses or nymphs (daughters of Nereus)
Oceanides Greek 40 sea nymphs (daughters of Oceanus)

Deities & Spirits of the Fae Folk