The Deities of Water

The table below lists Deities, Spirits and other Higher Powers who can be sought out for help when working with the element of Water, both in general & aspects not covered in the other charts. The deities of Water.

As always, before working with any of them, do some research to become familiar with all of their facets, lest you be caught off guard by their ways. Each Higher Power is unique in they way they approach a situation – some may be very straightforward, others brutal, and others gentle. If you are unsure who to pick, you should instead begin with a spell written by someone else, or do a lot more research. Do not rush into any magical work. Take your time and understand your actions, and their potential consequences, fully before proceeding.

Name  Pantheon / Mythos Gender / Description
The UndinesCeremonial MagicElementals
NicksaCeremonial MagicElemental King
TharsisCeremonial MagicElemental Ruler
EgeriaGreekGoddess of Fountains
AresGreekGod of Storms
Na’iadsGreekNymphs of fountains and brooks
ArethusaRomanGoddess of Fountains
NunEgyptianGod of Primeval Waters
SobekEgyptianGod of Aquatic Animals (as well as Fear & Fertility)
EaBabylonianGod of Sweet Waters
EnkilSumerianGod of Water
ApsuAssyrianGod of Primeval Waters
AnahitaPersianGoddess of Life Waters
YemojaYoruba, NigeriaGoddess of Water
RevenadorIloko, PhilippinesGod of Thunder & Lightening
BagilatIfugao, PhilippinesGod of Lightening
AoChineseThe Four Dragon Kings
EtainCelticTriple Goddess of Water
RusalkySlavicWater Sprite and Goddess of spring
Fura-ChogueColombianSpirit of the Waters
IxchelMayanGoddess of Water
ChalchiuhtlicueAztecGoddess of Running Water
AtlAztecGod of Water
AtlacamaniAztecGoddess of Oceanic Storms
AtlauaAztecLord of the Waters, Patron of Fisherman
ChalchiuhtlatonalAztecGod of Water
MextliAztecGod of Storms
OpochtliAztecGod of Fishing
HaokahLakotaGod of Thunder & Lightening
UntunktaheLakotaWater Spirit
WaukheonLakotaGod of Thunder-Clouds
ChahuruPawneeSpirit of Water

the deities of Water - WhiteRosesGarden

The deities of Water.