Herbal Charms & Amulets

This page contains two different recipes.  What’s the difference between herbal charms & herbal amulets?  In the case of the recipes below, not much.  The old site had them listed this way so I’m leaving them with the titles they had back then.  They are formatted here exactly they were on the old site.


Herbal Charm

                 – Source Unknown

Make a charm of lavender, lemongrass, mugwort, nutmeg, rose and saffron and sleep with it under your pillow to enhance visions and psychic awareness.

herbal charms & amulets


Herbal Amulet

              ~ By Illeva Abreva

For Astral Traveling

In a little purple drawstring bag, place two teaspoons each of dry angelica and crushed peppermint leaves and add a smoky quartz that has been cleansed with lavender essential oil. As you do this visualize what you would like from the astral realm and every night before you go to bed rub the drawstring bag on the bottom of your feet. This will take you where you want to go and protect you along the way.

Herbal Charms

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