Divination & Psychic Awareness

This chapter of the Grimoire details everything from herbs to Gods that can be used during divination or to help increase your psychic awareness. The information provided comes from a variety of sources and traditions.Also included are the recipes and other items I created for my shop as well as submissions from friends and supporters of the site.   

The Grimoire is designed for those who are writing their own rituals, spells, and other magickal rites.  If you need a substitution or want to add something extra but aren’t sure what you can use, you’re in the right place.

On the original site, Divination & Psychic Awareness were separate sections.  However, there wasn’t enough content in either to justify creating two sections again so I merged them.

Divination & Psychic Awareness | WhiteRose's Grimoire of Enchantments | WhiteRosesGarden.com

WARNING:  The information provided comes from a variety of sources, both modern and historical.  It is provided for INFORMATIONAL USE ONLY.  The author of this site assumes no liability for any harm that comes from using any of the remedies, recipes, or other information described herein. Use at your own risk.

Divination & Psychic Awareness

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