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[Restoration of this section began Sept. 16, 2016]

I wrote most of what you’ll find here was written when I owned my pagan shop.  My sabbat rituals, spells, and even some of the informational materials I created for the shop have all found a home in this section.  Some of the spells and rituals were written by friends and supporters of the site.  I try to give credit where credit is due, or at least indicate that someone else wrote the material (some authors are no longer pagans). WhiteRoses Book of Shadows

Among other things you’ll find here are spells from the spell kits and candles I made for my shop. Other spells came from old newsgroup postings and email submissions.  Some of the spells you may find in more than one place. For example, you may find the same spell in the Banishing section and the House Cleansing section since it fits in both areas.

The section labeled “Additional Books of Shadows” are a collection of specific BOSs.  These are dedicated to topics like crystal magick, dragon magick, and other topics. There is a great deal of overlap between the main book of shadows and the “lesser” ones but keeping the information in the main book didn’t really do the topics justice so I separated them out.

My rituals tend to be complex and blend many traditions since my shop catered to many magickal traditions.  Those rituals were written for groups, relatively large ones at that.  My shop hosted large outdoor rites on a regular basis & I had a group of “regulars” that who performed the rituals with me. There was a two acre field behind the shop where we created a ritual circle that was approximately 63′ across.  Some of the rites were written to the site layout.  This rough image gives you the basic layout of the ritual circle.   There were 5 total altars.  The center altar could be changed in orientation.  The elemental altars were removable when they weren’t needed.  The symbols in the outer quadrants represent the items that were actually in those locations:  a small pine tree, wind chimes, a fire pit, and a bird bath.  The quadrants were filled with plants of the appropriate colors. I’l write up a bit more on this at another point in time.  For now, this will help you understand the rituals I wrote a bit better.

WhiteRose's Ritual Circle - WhiteRosesGarden.com

WhiteRoses Book of Shadows

WhiteRoses Book of Shadows

If you would like to try your hand at writing your own spells and rituals, I have a section to assist you: The Grimoire of Enchantments.  As you will see, my rituals are very complex and involve many traditions.  This meant I had to constantly pour through books and websites to remember which god(s) I could call upon, which incense should be burned, etc.  The Grimoire was created to save my sanity and a bit of time.  In it you will find various topics such as Love and Moon Work. Each contains a plethora of info: what incenses can be used, which deities can be called on, invocations, crystals, etc. Its a great help when you don’t have something that is needed and wish to find a suitable substitute.  WhiteRoses Book of Shadows