A Water Charm Spell for Inner Peace

~ From WhiteRose’s Eternal Charm Candle series ~

The candle for this spell was ivory and came wrapped in with the spell below along with a small silver charm shaped like a dolphin.  You can use any charm or pendant that symbolizes the water (simple ones are available at most craft stores for under $1).  The highlighted portion of the text below appeared on the outside label.  The spell was printed on the inside of the label. If you wish to burn incense during this spell, there is a list of scents appropriate to elemental spells in the Grimoire.  A Water Charm Spell for Emotional Balance & Inner Peace.

This Eternal Charm Candle provides you with the tools to harness power of water. With the assistance of Nichsa, King of Water, you will be able to create a charm for use during those days when you need emotional balance and an aid in finding peace within yourself.

Find a quiet area and get comfortable.  Place the candle a holder and light it.  Take several slow, deep breaths and relax. Allow the stresses and anxieties of the day flow through your body and out through your feet.  Relax the muscle groups of your body by flexing them for just a moment beginning with your feet and working your way your body.  When your are though, take a few more slow deep breaths.  Focus on the sound of your breath.  If a stray though enters your mind, imagine it being swept away by waves of water.  Acknowledge it but allow it to be gently swept away by the waves.  Now, pick up the charm and hold it in your hand.  It doesn’t matter which one.  Look at the candle flame and visualize a blue light coming from the flame.  It grows steadily larger and begins to surround you.  You feel calm and at peace.  Let this blue light surround you completely.  You feel increasingly at peace with yourself, your life, and the world.  Close your eyes.  Feel the peaceful energy of the blue light fill your entire self.  Breath deeply one more time then let your breathing return to its normal pace.

Opening your mind, begin to hear the sound of a water fall close by.  Feel a gentle breeze carrying a bit of mist caress your skin.  You can smell the water in the air around you.  You now see yourself standing at the shore of a large lake. It is a pleasant, sunny summer day. The water is calm and reflects the perfect blue sky above you.  Look around you.  To your left you see a large rocky cliff not far in the distance. A small waterfall spills over its edges.  You can see that the lake is surrounded by an old forest on all sides.  To your right, a steam flows from the lake and into the forest.  Take a step forward, toward the lake, and look down into the calm water before you.  The water becomes so still you can see your reflection.  As you look, someone else appears in the reflection, just over your shoulder. You turn to see a man dressed in long blue robes smiling at you. He assures you that he meant no harm.  You feel very safe and relaxed.  Know that you are in the presence of Nichsa, King of Water.  He sees the charm in your hand. He motions for you to show it to him.  You hold out your hand and say:

Nichsa, King of the Waters
I am here before you this day to ask your help and guidance.
Please take this charm and charge it with your calming wisdom and power
That I may use it when I feel overwhelmed and lost.
So mote it be!

He places his hand over yours.  You feel an enormous amount of energy around you.  It is extremely soothing and calm.  You worries are now a distant memory.  Your joined hands begin to glow. You can feel this energy flowing into the charm in your hand.  When he is through, Nichsa removes his hand and smiles warmly.  You thank Nichsa for his generous gift and for his generosity.  He may have additional things to say to you so listen carefully.  When he is through, bid him farewell.  Turn back to the lake.  Look deeply into the calm waters.  Breath slowly, and deeply.  Watch the water begin to ripple and flow freely again.  Watch gentle waves lap against the shore at your feet.  Look up at the sky.  It is now dark.  The sky is entirely black, not a single star to be seen.  You continue to look into the deep black of the sky until it is all you can see.  You feel calm, relaxed, and at peace with yourself.  When you are ready, open your eyes.  Take a few slow, deep breaths and stretch a bit to bring yourself back into your body.  Extinguish the candle when you ready.

Whenever you have need, merely hold the charm in your hand and light the candle.  Feel the calming energy from the charm surround you.  Feel the energy bring you back into emotional balance and into a state of inner peace.  You may also return to the lake at any time.  You may or may be visited by Nichsa.  The undines are also residents here and my visit with you from time to time.  Other times they will leave you alone, allowing you to just exist within the calm and relaxing atmosphere.  Know that the lake is a place of peace and serenity and you may visit when you have need.


You may want to write your experience down when you are through.  Keeping a spell journal can be a good way to keep track of any important messages you receive.  The higher powers do not experience the flow of time like we do.  Sometimes their messages arrive a bit (or a lot) prematurely.  Writing them down will help you remember what they said when the time comes.

Water Charm Spell from WhiteRose's Eternal Cham Candles

A Water Charm Spell for Emotional Balance & Inner Peace.