A Candle Spell for Love & Friendship

~ From WhiteRose’s Ethereal Candles Collection ~

This spell came from a series of candle spells I created for my store. The candle for this spell was white and came wrapped in with the spell below. The highlighted portion of the text below appeared on the outside label.  The spell was printed on the inside of the label.  If you wish to burn incense during this spell, there is a list of scents appropriate to love spells in the Grimoire.  A Candle Spell for Love.

Use this candle to assist you in bringing new love and friendships into your life

Before you begin, be sure that you do NOT visualize a specific person(s), everyone has free will and you shouldn’t attempt to interfere with it.

Find a space that is quiet and undisturbed. Relax yourself by taking several deep breaths, then quiet your mind. Place the candle in a holder and light it. Place your hands around the candle and look directly at the flame. See a soft, red, glowing energy coming from it. Feel it surround you. It feels warm, safe, and relaxing. Now, visualize the type of people you would like to have in your life. Think of the qualities they would possess, the interests they might have and the type of relationships that you would like to have with them. Allow the energy that surrounds you to absorb those thoughts. Once you are through, release the energy.  Watch it leave the area and go out into the universe. Allow the candle to burn for at least 1 hour and re-light it anytime you need to.

On a daily basis, be open to new people and experiences. Remember, the universe can only do so much – if you never leave the house, your chances of meeting anyone new becomes severely limited.  Put yourself out into the world just as you let your intentions out into the world.

A Candle Spell for Love - WhiteRose's Ethereal Candles

 A Candle Spell for Love.