Full Moon in Scorpio Love Spell

~ Author Unknown*


The singular best “love spell” is to develop self-confidence and to love yourself. I will agree, however, that there are times when love seems to need a little “push.” This is a simple attraction spell and is NOT intended for use on specific persons. Drawing a love to you is best done when you allow the “powers that be” to choose the right person for you. Drawing and binding an individual to you is gross manipulation and WILL result in karmic backlash. If you don’t believe me, ask the man who used such a spell against me last Summer — he now has no desire for sex, cannot speak to women, and looks like road kill. His life has literally fallen apart. This is NOT what you want to accomplish, so please — I cannot emphasize it enough — DO NOT USE LOVE SPELLS ON SPECIFIC PEOPLE! If you do, let this serve as notice that I will not be responsible for whatever transpires as a result of your manipulations. Please bear in mind that a love spell generally will not work unless an individual is ready for love to be in his/her life. Yes, I know — you’re lonely, you want someone to love who will love you back, you need this spell to work. But until you have reached the point where you are truly ready to accept and handle a relationship, all the love spells in the world will not help you.  Full Moon in Scorpio Love Spell.

This spell is best performed during the Full Moon in Scorpio. You might also use the Full Moon in Cancer or Pisces. These are all Water signs and relate to the emotions. Scorpio is also the sign of sexuality, so if a passionate relationship is what you want, the Full Moon in Scorpio is ideal.

For this spell you will need the following items:

  • a dried red rose
  • a heart-shaped box (ceramic, glass, etc.; even a Valentine candy box will do!)
  • a dried pink rose
  • 2-3 tiny pieces of rose quartz
  • 2-3 tiny pieces of amethyst
  • 2 silver heart charms
  • a cutting of your hair
  • 2 quartz crystals, charged with your intent
  • a stone that feels very old or shell fossil (for emotional and personal stability)
  • 1 pink, rose-scented votive candle
  • 1 metallic red taper
  • Love n’ Lust oil or other oil suitable for drawing love (musk, patchouli, lavender, or rose would be fine)
  • Fresh or dried herbs: lavender, parsley, catnip, rosemary, basil, red and pink rose petals, cinnamon stick
  • love-drawing incense (musk, patchouli, rose, etc.)
  • red or pink fabric (a Valentine print or something with hearts is ideal!)
  • red or pink rat-tail cord or ribbon
  • chunk of rose quartz
  • Your favorite romantic music

The day before the Full Moon, put the following into the heart-shaped box — dried pink rose, small pieces of rose quartz and amethyst, two silver heart charms, and the cutting of your hair. Place the box in the middle of your altar pentacle. With the dried red rose, the old stone or fossil crystal, and one of the charged crystals, placing each object so that it forms a point of a triangle around the box.

Anoint the candles with the oil. While anointing the candles, think seriously about the qualities you want in a lover/mate. Light the candles mindfully.

Now light the incense.

While playing romantic and sensual music, hand sew an amulet bag from the fabric, making sure that you include a channel at the top of the bag through which to thread a drawstring. As you sew the bag, think again about what you want in a mate/lover. Say these qualities out loud. Go ahead and have a conversation with Aphrodite, telling Her everything. Just be very careful to state what it is that you do and do not want and be careful what you wish for… because you will get it.

When you have finished sewing the bag, thread a piece of cord through the channel; this is your drawstring. Gather fresh herbs if possible; if not, dried will also work. Put each herb into the bag, still giving serious thought to what you want to manifest. When the bag is filled, pull the drawstring tight.

Place the chunk of rose quartz of your altar. Now put the amulet bag on top of the chunk of rose quartz, asking it to be blessed by Aphrodite. Snuff out the candles and leave the amulet bag overnight.

On the day of the full moon, light the candles once more. Again burn the incense, play the romantic music. Put the leftover crystal into the amulet bag while visualizing yourself in a secure, loving, fulfilling relationship. Again pull the drawstring tight, this time tying it into a knot that cannot be undone. Allow the candles to burn all the way out. It is done.

You may either carry the amulet with you in your pocket or purse, or leave it on your altar until your needs are manifested.  A Full Moon in Scorpio Love Spell.

Full Moon in Scorpio Love Spell

* If you are the author of this spell, or know who is, please contact me!!  Full Moon in Scorpio Love Spell