A Simple Relaxation Spell

~ From WhiteRose’s Blessed Journeys Kits ~

The following spell comes from my Blessed Journeys kits that I made for my store. I first include a list of ingredients then the spell as it appears in the kit.  See the notes at the end for suggestions. A Simple Relaxation Spell.


1 Light Purple Candle
2 incense sticks, an appropriate scent (I used ‘Peace’). See Grimoire for suggestions.
1 piece of amethyst


Begin by setting up some quiet time for yourself. Start the evening with some soft music and light some candles.  When you are ready sit comfortably and relax.  Take several slow, deep breaths. Light the provided candle and one incense stick. Take three more slow, deep breaths, exhaling fully. Starting with your feet, make your muscles relax. Feel your feet relax, then your ankles, your legs, your back, etc. until every part of you is calm and your tension is released. Pick up the stone and breath deep again. Focus your mind on nothing, just on your breathing. If you have difficulty emptying your mind, look at the candle flame. It takes effort especially if you’re not used to it. Don’t fight intrusive thoughts.  Visualize them going into the flame and being consumed.  When your mind is clear, feel the stone in your hand. Allow its energies blend with yours, deepening your state of relaxation. Feel yourself being surrounded by a soft purple glow and feel its calming effects. When you are through, place the stone in a safe place. Whenever you feel overwhelmed during the day, merely hold the stone and breath deep, allowing that moment of relaxation to take hold.

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A Simple Relaxation Spell.