A Negativity Banishing Spell

To get rid about someone who is negative around you!

~ written by Ann

First you need:
  • a white paper with the name of the “negative” person on it.
  • an envelope
  • a white candle
  • a small plastic container
  • some water

You have to practice this ritual on waning or diminishing moon. Write the name of the negative person on the paper. Put the paper on the envelope and close it. Put the envelope into the plastic container. Fill up the container with some water and say 3 times:

“I wish this person (say the name) get rid of my life or stop to annoy me. I want his or (her) bad influence to stay on this ice”

Place the container into the freezer until it becomes ice (with the paper inside) and say:

“I want my wish to realize with harm to no one”

After 3 days, remove the container from the freezer, put the ice with the paper into the toilet and forget it! I have to tell you that it works so well!! When someone is bad with me or very offensive, I try to visualize this person frozen, if I cannot do this ritual and I get rid of that bad influence on myself!!!  Negativity Banishing

Negativity Banishing Spell - WhiteRosesGarden