A Meditation Assistance Candle Spell

~ From WhiteRose’s Ethereal Candles Collection ~

This spell came from a series of candle spells I created for my store. The candle for this spell was purple and came wrapped in with the spell below. The highlighted portion of the text below appeared on the outside label.  The spell was printed on the inside of the label.   A Meditation Assistance Candle Spell

Use this candle to assist you during your regular meditations. Excellent for beginners.

Find a space that is quiet and undisturbed. Place the candle in a holder and light it. Relax and get comfortable. Begin by taking several slow, deep breaths and then quiet your mind. Continue to breathe deeply and gaze into the candle’s flame.  Focus on the sound of your breathing.  When a stray thought enters your mind, imagine it leaving your head as a little puff of smoke that head to the candle to be consumed by the flame.  Do this anytime a stray thought enters.  Don’t push it away, simply allow to flow from you to the candle gently.  Allow yourself to breath normally.  Starting with your feet, make each of your muscle groups relax. Flex your toes and then feel them relax.  Flex your feet and fell them relax. Work your way up your legs to your back, feel each muscle group loosen. Stretch your head to the left, then to the right.  Feel the stretch in your neck.  Stretch your jaw by opening your mouth wide & closing it.  Wrinkle your nose, scrunch up your face, close your eyes hard and them open them.  When you are through, take 3 or 4 slow deep breaths feeling your body reach a deeper state of relaxation.

When you are ready, let your breathing return to its natural rhythm.  Look into the candle flame.  Imagine a soft purple glow coming from the candle’s flame and surrounding you. It is soft and gentle. As it surrounds you imagine yourself being carried away to a place in nature that you are familiar with and feel comfortable in, such as a local park or woodland. If you do not have such a place, invent one in your mind.  Create your ideal natural spot: a river by a forest, a serene tropical beach, an outcropping of rocks in the desert.  Try to see as much detail as you can—the types of trees, the rocks, the animals, the flowers, etc. Move around your mental image focusing on each area of your space.  If a stray thought interrupts, let it float by like a cloud in the sky.  You know it’s there but you need not focus on it.  Remain in this space as long as you wish.  When you are ready to leave, take a few slow, deep cleansing breaths and stretch your body.  Feel your body and mind rejoining in the room.  Visualize that purple glow dissipate from the room.  When you are ready extinguish the candle. Repeat as often as needed, ideally you should do this once a week.


If you do this often enough, you may experience a visitor while you are in your sacred space.  Do not be frightened, there is no reason to fear them. These visitors can be a wealth of information, so talk to them. You find a spirit guide than can help you on your journey through life.

Meditation Assistance Candle Spell - WhiteRose's Ethereal Candle

A Meditation Assistance Candle Spell.