A Love Spell to Find a New Partner

~ From WhiteRose’s Blessed Journeys Kits ~

The following spell comes from my Blessed Journeys kits that I made for my store.  This was the largest and most involved kit I ever made.  I begin with a list of ingredients.  I provide suggestions for substitutions and links to my Grimoire where needed.  A Love Spell to Find a New Partner

You Will Need:
The Ritual:

Begin by drawing a warm bath. While the bath is filling, select the clothes you will wear afterwards. They should preferable by white, red, or pink—or any shade that reminds you of love. Add most of the bath salts to the water & then light one stick of incense. Take the crystal and place it in the water with you. Relax & enjoy the warmth of the water. Let it remind you of how warm love can make you feel. Breathe deeply & slowly. Begin to think of all the qualities you would like in an ideal partner. Be as specific as you wish. Think of how perfect that person would be & how much you have to give to them. Think of all the qualities & feelings of love in general. Let it completely fill you with its perfection.

After the bath, dress in your selected clothes & find a small dish that is large enough to fill with water to float the candle. Once you have your water filled dish, place it in an area that is quiet & will allow you to be undisturbed. Place the remainder of the bath salts in the dish, light the candle & the incense. Place the paper & a pen close to you. Hold the stone in your hands & relax. Breathe deeply. Allow the energy of the stone to surround you & flow through you. Allow it to fill you with peace & clarity. Remain in this state a few minutes. When you are through, take the pen & papers and write down all the qualities of your ideal partner.  Be VERY clear on what you want & if there are things you absolutely do NOT want, list those too.  When you are through, place the papers under the candle.  Focus your intentions on what remains of the candle.  Allow the smoke from the flame to carry your requests to the Powers that Be. Allow the candle to burn completely out. When it has, place the papers & the stone under you pillow or close to your bed. Let them remain there until your new partner has arrived. When you have met them, burn the list. Keep the stone in a safe place & use it when you need peace & clarity in your life.

Please Be Advised: Do NOT use this ritual to draw a specific person into your life. Do NOT attempt to take someone else’s partner, etc. This rite is designed to let the universe pick the partner that best suits you based on qualities you pick. Any attempt to override the freewill of another WILL result in very negative karma.  A Love Spell to Find a New Partner

A Love Spell to Find a New Partner

A Love Spell to Find a New Partner – WhiteRose’s Blessed Journey.