A Full Moon Spell

~ From WhiteRose’s Blessed Journeys Kits ~

The following spell comes from my Blessed Journeys kits that I made for my store. I first include a list of ingredients then the spell as it appears in the kit.  See the notes at the end for suggestions.  A Full Moon Spell.

  • Bath salts, preferably jasmine scented. See Grimoire for substitutions
  • 2 incense sticks, a lunar-oriented scent. I used Full Moon from Astral Seas. I actually use one stick cut in half
  • A piece of quartz or moonstone*
  • One small white candle

On the night, take a bath using the jasmine bath salts. While you soak, begin to think about all the positive things you would like to have in your life.  It doesn’t matter what those things are or how many. Bring them to mind one at a time.  Feel your whole body brimming with light, love, and positive energy.  Visualize your positive thoughts pushing the negativity out of your body and into the bath water.  When you are finished, remain in the bathtub until about half of the water drains.  Feel your body getting lighter as the negativity flows out of you and down the drain. When you are through, dress in comfortable clothes.  If you can, dress in light colors.  Keep the positive thoughts and feelings circling in your mind as you dress.

When you are ready, find a quiet place and relax.  Light the candle and one incense stick. Take several slow deep breaths and relax your body.  Pick up the stone the stone in your hand.  Feel its shape, its texture, and its energy.  Focus on those feelings.  Let them blend with the positive energy you carry with you from the bath.  Now turn your attention to the bright full moon in the sky.  Feel the positive energy that it emits. Visualize that energy descending through the layers of the atmosphere down your little space in the world.  Let that overwhelming positive energy fill the entirety of your being.  Spend a few minutes absorbing it, existing with it, relishing it.  When you are ready, concentrate on all the positive things you would like to have.  Let those thoughts come to you one at a time.  As you do, see each thought manifest in the air as a sphere is white light.  Now send the sphere of light into the stone.  Watch the stone absorb your wishes.  Watch as the stone amplifies those thoughts and begins to glow.  When you are through, place the stone in a window where it sees the moon (if possible) during the rest of the night.

The next day, place the stone in an area where you will see it often.  Allow the stone to serve as beacon and reminder of your goals. Hold it whenever you need that extra push while you work to bring the positive wishes into your life. Lastly, make a written plan to bring those things into your life. Keep it near the stone.  Measure your progress on the next full moon and repeat when necessary.

Full Moon Spell - WhiteRose's Blessed Journeys Spell Kits


See grimoire for substitutions for any of the supplies.  On the Incense & Oils page, you’ll find a link to the Astral Sea, Ltd. website if you’d like to purchase their ‘Full Moon’ incense.  They have a few different kinds (stick & smokeless).  They also have a selection of bath salts.

* If you are also using the Dark Moon spell, use a different stone from the one you use for that spell.

A Full Moon Spell.