Forest Lord Awakening Spell

~ From WhiteRose’s Blessed Journeys Kits ~

The Forest Lord Awakening Spell comes from my Blessed Journeys kits that I made for my store. I first include a list of ingredients then the spell as it appears in the kit.  See the links for suggestions on fragrances & other supplies.

Cernunos, Celtic Lord of the Forest, is an ancient nature deity. He is most often depicted with two antler-like horns. He is usually naked except for a neck torque. He is sometimes bearded with long, curly hair. A sword and shield are almost always with him. During the following spell, he may appear to you as a stag, bull, ram, or horned serpent. Do not be afraid of any of his appearances. He is a kind and wise deity and will not harm you in any way. Also be aware that he may not come. Just because you call does not mean that he’ll answer. He may send a messenger. If no one comes, don’t be discouraged, you may have to do this several times to prove that you are truly sincere in your desires.

  • Bath salts or herbal bath, earthy or floral fragrance (plain Epson salts is fine too)
  • 1 stick of incense for your bath (suggestions here), cones, coils, or other type are perfectly fine.
  • 1 stick of incense for the spell (see above)
  • a green candle and a jar to place it in (the jar will prevent it from blowing out)
  • a piece of jasper or other earth stone that you have not used before (suggestions here)
  • a small amount of white oak & buffalo herb (if you cannot find any use some pine needles or chamomile)
  • You may also want to bring a notebook and pen to write down your experience

To begin this spellwork, find a spot (outside) that you feel comfortable in and will be left undisturbed. Become familiar with the spot if it is new to you. Take note of its appearance, features it may have, the trees and plants that may be in the area, the ‘feel’ of the place, etc… When you feel that you are pretty familiar with the energies of the area, pick an afternoon that you will have about an hour free to spend at the site and about a half an hour to prepare yourself before you get there. You do not need to cast a circle but it is recommended. In the vocalized parts I have included an invocation of the elements that will suffice.

On the appointed afternoon, take a warm bath using some sort of bath salts. Light a stick of incense during your bath. Visualize your chosen site, recreating in your mind its ‘feel.’ Completely relax and calm yourself, not allowing any interference in your thinking. Dismiss stray thoughts as quickly as they come. Do not soak in the bath for more than 15-20 minutes. Remain in the bath while the water drains at least to the halfway point, visualizing any negativity flowing out of you into the water and down the drain. Dress in comfortable clothes preferably an “earthy” color (browns or greens).

Proceed to your chosen spot with your supplies.  When you are ready, sit comfortably. Place the candle in the jar in front of you, have the stone, herbs and incense near by. Hold the stone in your hands and calm yourself. When you are relaxed, place the stone in front of you and light the incense. Light the candle. Pick up the herbs and the stone. Close your eyes. Feel the energy of the earth radiate up through your body. Feel it surround you and the area. See a greenish glow coming from the candle to surround you and mix with the energies from the earth. You feel safe, protected, and very much at peace. When you are ready say:

Welcome creatures of the fire and water,
All good spirits of nature are welcome here this day.
Oh great Lord of the Forest, Cernunos, I bid you welcome!
I, (your name), am here as your eager student.
I ask of you to tell me how I may serve this Earth better;
How I may become in balance with the natural world around me!

Now take the herbs and sprinkle them around the candle and say:

I offer these to you, Mighty Horned One, So that you might aid me in my work.

Now, while holding the stone, quite yourself and listen. Though he may not appear, a messenger may came in his place. Be aware of yourself, the energies of the area, and everything that happens. When you are through and regardless of whether anyone appears say:

I thank you, Great Lord of the Natural World, for your assistance today
For the guidance you have given will not go to waste.
I bid you farewell and many thanks!
I bid farewell and many thanks to the creatures of the forest and sky for their protection and assistance!
I bid farewell and many thanks to the creatures of the fire and water for their protection and assistance!
This work here is ended. So mote it be!

Now place the stone into a safe place. If time permits, allow the candle to extinguish completely. This would be a good time to write down your experience in detail. Cover the herbs with earth. Place the stone under your pillow for seven nights. Write down your dreams for those nights as you may continue to receive messages (dreams are a much easier method of sending messages to those with little or no experience in such matters). After the seven nights, keep the stone in a safe place for use during further ritual or spellwork. Be sure to put to use the instruction given by Cernunos (within reason) for it is very unwise to ask for the council of a deity and then not heed it.

Forest Lord Awakening Spell - WhiteRose's Book of Shadows

Forest Lord Awakening Spell