A Dark Moon Spell

~ From WhiteRose’s Blessed Journeys Kits ~

The following spell comes from my Blessed Journeys kits that I made for my store. I first include a list of ingredients then the spell as it appears in the kit.  See the notes at the end for suggestions.  A Dark Moon Spell.

  • Bath salts, preferably jasmine scented.
  • 2 incense sticks. I used Dark Moon from Astral Sea. Technically it was one stick cut in half, the second half was for the next dark moon.
  • A piece of quartz or moonstone.
  • One small black candle.

The dark moon is many things.  It is a time to plan shed negativity and plant positive ideas deep within our minds.  It is a time to renew hope and begin new projects.  This spell is all of those things.  Performing this spell, however,  is only a beginning to removing negativity from your life.  After the spell is complete, make a written plan to prevent that negativity from reoccurring. If you do not work to change your life from this point on, the negativity will return over and over.  Overcoming great negativity, or lots of lesser negativity, is not simple by any means.  If some of the negativity has returned by the next dark moon, repeat the spell.  You can reuse the stone as many times as needed.  Don’t worry about how many times you need to do this spell.  Stick to your plans, improve your life, but know that it can take years to overcome some of the deep seated sources of negativity that effect us.  This spell helps alleviate the burden that negativity places on you while you work to improve yourself and your life.


On the night of the dark moon, take a bath using the jasmine bath salts. While you soak, begin to think about all the negative things in your life.  Visualize them leaving your mind, body, and spirit and joining with the water.  In your mind see the negativity as a dark swirling mass filling the tub.  When you are through, drain the water but remain the tub until it’s about half empty. Visualize all of that dark, unwanted negativity being washed down the drain.  When you towel off, imagine any remaining negativity being absorbed by the towel (don’t reuse the towel without washing it first). Dress in something comfortable. Then, find a quiet place and relax.

Light the candle and one stick of the incense.  Close your eyes for a moment.  Take several slow deep breaths.  Focus on the sound of your breathing and relax your body.  When you’re ready, open your eyes and take hold of the stone.  Feel it in your hand; feel its shape; its texture; its energy.  Focus once again on the negativity.  The bath washed away the outer layers of negativity.  Now it’s time to remove the deeper layers.  Focus on one point of negativity at a time.  As each comes to mind, visualize it leaving your body and being absorbed by the stone. Feel the stone absorb all of your negativity. When you are through, when you’ve run out of negative thoughts, run the stone through the flame three times. Each time you pass it through the flame, know that the negativity in your life is being burned away.  Set the stone in front of the candle.  Close your eyes and take several slow, deep, cleansing breaths.  Inhale and exhale completely.

Dark Moon Spell - WhiteRose's Blessed Journeys Spell Kits



See grimoire for substitutions for any of the supplies.  On the Incense & Oils page, you’ll find a link to the Astral Sea, Ltd. website if you’d like to purchase their ‘Dark Moon’ incense.  They have a few different kinds (stick & smokeless).  They also have a selection of bath salts.

A Dark Moon Spell.