Chakra Colors Meditation

~ Courtesy of Amari

This spell is provided in its original form.  All notes are from Amari.  The only alteration is to the title of the book.  She provided only part of the title, I filled in the rest.  The typo in the title comes directly from Amazon.

I would like to share with you a chakra meditation I learned when I first came to Witchcraft…don’t ask it was too long ago (I am OLD, well I feel old anyway ;> ) When I learned the Chakra points I also learned their Sanskrit names and used those in the meditation. Later I found a book that also included the Sanskrit names as well as a detailed description of each chakra point. The book is Mother Wit: A Feminist Guide To Psychic Developmeht by Diane Mariechild and it has A LOT of great info.  Chakra Colors Meditation.

1. MOOLADHARA This chakra is located at the base of the spine. It is called the base or root chakra and its color is red. This point is associated with grounding, elimination, stability and change. Too much energy in that spot will often cause an inability to move or change; too little and you will feel unstable and not able to ground properly.

2. SWADHISTANA The next chakra color is orange and it is located about an inch below your belly button. This is usually called the sacral or naval chakra. It is associated with sexual energy and water. If this chakra is unbalanced you could become too sensitive to others or have sexual dysfunction. You could also become too open on a psychic level and feel too much from other people.

3. MANIPURA Located about an inch above the naval, color yellow, associated with fire, healing, balance and digestion. Imbalances here cause digestive disturbance, stress and sickness.

4. ANAHATA Heart chakra, color green, associated with air, compassion, love and understanding. Problems with this chakra cause emotional disturbance, loving TOO much, feeling out of touch and anxiety.

5. VISUDHA Throat chakra, most often placed at the base of the skull, color blue. It is associated with communication and the glands of the body. It is the connecting chakra for the lower points to communicate with the higher. Sometimes called the “soul’s ear” this chakra is a center for psychic development of clairaudience. When this chakra is opened so to are your creative abilities. Closed and your words can get lumped in your throat or “choked with emotion”.

6. AJNA Brow chakra, third eye, color indigo (I always see dark purple/blue close enough) called the connection to the Oversoul. Here conscious and unconscious knowledge combine. Center for clairvoyance. Blocks here will cause confusion, stagnation, inability to imagine clearly and learning problems.

7. SAHASRARA Crown chakra, top of the head, color all-color (rainbow white or melted diamonds as I see it). Center of intuition, knowledge, peace and connection to the All. The major center of psychic ability. Closed or blocked it creates a feeling of sorrow, alienation, and discord.

I have a chakra cleansing rite I do that helps to keep the energies flowing smoothly. First I do the crystal color meditation to put my mind in an alpha state. Next I picture each chakra and its color swirling at a perfect speed (a little bit faster than heartbeat speed for me) and with clear color. I intone each chakra name 3 times and will sometimes smudge the area with sage or use charged water. Take as much time as you need at each point to be sure it is clean and flowing clearly. When the last chakra is clean I imagine a white light coming from the ground and the sky and flooding my body with its light, this light connects all the colored chakra lights and enhances all of them. When this is finished I send all the excess light back and thoroughly ground. Afterwards I feel balanced, charged and peaceful. I get almost a tingly feeling. If possible I do this before all major magickal workings. It really helps!  Chakra Colors Meditation.

Chakra Colors Meditation - WhiteRosesGarden

A Chakra Colors Meditation by Amari.