A Spell to Assist with Divination

~ From WhiteRose’s Blessed Journeys Kits ~


The following spell comes from my Blessed Journeys kits that I made for my store. I first include a list of ingredients then the spell as it appears in the kit.  See the notes at the end for suggestions.  Assist with Divination.

Use this kit before you begin an individual reading for yourself or before a day of readings for others. Use with your current divination tool.

  • Tea. I blended Chamomile with Hibiscus.
  • 2 sticks of ‘Divination’ incense from Astral Sea, Ltd.
  • One small yellow candle.
  • A divination tool of your choice such as tarot cards, crystals, rune stones, etc.

Find a quiet space and relax. Prepare a cup of tea and slowly drink it.  Focus on the work you will be doing.  Know that you have the ability to reach out to the universe know things others cannot.  Keep your mind calm and focused as much as possible.

When you are through, prepare your divination tool and light the candle. Light one stick of the incense. Pick up your divination tool and hold it within your hands.  Relax your body and mind, take several deep breaths. Focus on your tool, knowing that it has the power to communicate with higher powers to tell you or your subject about the future. Focus that knowledge into a glowing yellow field of energy, let it surround the tool. Slowly let it surround you as well. Know that as the diviner you also have the power to see past the known into a place where all questions are answered and nothing is hidden. Know that you have the power to focus that place on a specific individual and can interpret effectively for that individual all that they wish to know. Know that this power is yours and you can turn it off whenever you need to and turn it on when you need to. You control it.  When you are ready, ask your client to enter or focus on your own question and use your tool as it is intended.

The extra stick of incense is provided when you want to perform this spell a second time.

A Spell to Assist with Divination