WhiteRose’s Spellbook

Most of the spells you’ll find here I wrote when I owned my shop, Journeys of the Soul.  Many come from the kits and spell candles I made (yes, the candles were made in the shop).  The spells from the kits include a list of items found in the kit with links & notations about where you can find them and / or what you can substitute.  The Grimoire of Enchantments is a giant collection of tables & other info, organized by topic, that can be used to find additional substitutions. Not all the spells here are mine.  Some were submitted by readers over the years and some that I downloaded from newsgroups a very long time ago.  I try to provide credit when and if I can.    WhiteRose’s Spellbook


WhiteRose's Spellbook


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need to Do All the Steps?

It’s a good idea, yes.  I wrote spells for several different types of clients.  Some were “easy” and best suited for more advanced practitioners.  The spells that more complicated or involved were for beginners or those who wanted to be sure they really were in the right frame of mind.  Simple spells rarely work for beginners because beginners aren’t well versed in putting themselves the right spiritual mindset.  I designed spells with extra steps to help you get to where you need to be mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Advanced practitioners can benefit from the more complicated ones too.  I prefer the complicated ones myself because it helps me weed out distractions.  I also find it more respectful when I approach the gods for something.  WhiteRose’s Spellbook

What If I Don’t Have Everything?

If you cannot find one of the ingredients, check out my Grimoire of Enchantments for substitutions.  Keep in mind that you don’t to have exactly the right crystal or the exact color of candle or the exact incense.  Honestly you would use a rock from your yard, any random candle, and burn whatever you want.  Wait, what?  The gods really don’t care about what you use.  All the ‘stuff’ is for you.  It’s designed to help you get into the right place mentally, spiritual, and in some cases physically.

Allow me to explain a bit more.  In one of my more involved love spells, I provided an herbal bath to use before the spell.  I ask you to dress in white, red, or pink afterwards.  A floral incense, a piece of rose quartz, and a red candle were provided.  I even suggested brewing a cup of the ‘Love’ tea a friend created.  Each step was designed to focus your mind, and keep it focused, on finding a new love.

Why?  In the Western world we associate red, pink, and white with love largely due to St. Valentine’s Day.  Hence, using rose quartz (which is pink), dressing in the appropriate colors, and burning a red candle put you physically and mentally in the correct mindset.  We also associate floral scents with love so floral scented incense, floral scented bath mixes, and even teas help to further put you in a metal state ready to deal with finding love.  It’s psychological theater that marries your entire mind and body to the purpose your spirit wishes to pursue.

You could, as I said before, just grab a rock from your yard, use any candle, burn whatever incense you have, and perform the spell while wearing the same grubby black t-shirt & jeans you’ve had on all day.  While doing it that way may work, the chances are pretty slim, especially if you’re new to magick.  Immersing yourself, completely, in the magickal work to be done increases your chances of success significantly.  You will be prepared, mind, body, and spirit. It also shows a level of respect and dedication that few people do.  If you’re petitioning a god for help, this goes a long way to actually getting their attention.

Do All Pagans Do Spellwork?

No, not all modern pagans do.

Do I Have To Perform Spellwork to Be Pagan?

No!  Spells are a individual choice based on your own circumstances.  They are not required or necessary by any means.

Do Spells Work? WhiteRose’s Spellbook

Now that is a good question.  It is, however, one that does not have a “yes” or “no” answer.  The end result of a spell is very much dependent on the person casting it, their experience, the spell they are using, and the underlying reason for the spell.  It also depends on how many spells you’re doing.  If you are literally pestering every god in the universe 2-3 times day to find you a new love interest, you’re probably going to find yourself alone for the rest of your life.  No one likes a nag.  No one, human or divine.

If you put all kinds of conditions on your spell (i.e. I must find love within 24 hours without having to leave my house), the gods will likely get a laugh but that’s about all the attention you’ll get from them.  Don’t ask the gods for something you don’t actually need or deserve.  Everyone wants to be a millionaire.  If we all were, money would be worthless and we’d all be in the same financial position (it’s basic economics).

Spells are essentially prayers.  Basically the more you put into it, the more they will. The more seriously you take your spell, the more respect you show, the more likely you’ll have a positive outcome.  Also, don’t be a nag and don’t ask for things you don’t deserve (yes, I’m repeating myself).  WhiteRose’s Spellbook

Did Pagans Always Perform Spells?

Not exactly.  Our ancestors didn’t have the focus on spells that we seem to have developed today.  I studied magic in ancient Greek & Roman society when I was in college.  They were eye-opening courses.  In that area of the world, spells were the domain of the itinerant priests, not temple priests.  Itinerant priests were often foreigners and were not connected to any official temple.  The temples looked down upon these outsiders and the spells they sold.  Essentially, the outsider priests were the snake-oil salesman of the day.  They sold spells to provide ‘quick fixes.’  The topics were much the same as they are today: love, money, success (in gambling, court cases, etc), banishing, and so on.  They almost always involved the underworld deities.

In Ancient Greece & Rome, the gods were seen as being much like humans, only more powerful.  When you asked them for help, it was very much like asking a neighbor for help.  Pestering the gods for every little thing was frowned upon in the same way your neighbor would hate you if you constantly knocked on his door for help with every little thing. Think of Homer Simpson & Ned Flanders, Homer is a giant pain in the ass.  Ned goes along most of the time but only because he’s Christian.  The gods, as you may know, are not Christians. Their interest in your problem was provided on a give-and-take basis.  If you wanted to make them care, you made them an offer:  “If you help me win my court case, I will sacrifice a chicken.”  This was literally the way it was done, but you usually did so with the help of the temple priests or priestesses.

When spells were introduced in the Ancient classical world, there were seen as a ‘shortcut.’  You wrote your request on a small lead tablet (lead is a very soft metal so it’s easily used as a paper substitute).  On the back of the tablet you wrote the name of the god/dess and their location (i.e. To Hekate, in the Underworld).  These were little lead postcards-to-the-gods which were then rolled up & dropped into a well.  Since wells were (are) deep holes, therefore they were thought to be closer to the Underworld.  I’ll write up my course notes in the future so you can learn more about this.  These spells did not have the official sanction of the priesthood and, further, working with the Underworld gods wasn’t considering a ‘normal practice’ in the way that working with Zeus or Hera was.

Modern pagans almost seem obsessed with spells by comparison.  This is not necessarily a bad thing.  Times change, people change.  Although, the largest change is that our access to ‘stuff’ has changed.  Multicolored candles, incense in every fragrance imaginable, and crystals from far-off lands just didn’t exist like they do now.  We also don’t sacrifice animals (hopefully) like the did then, and we don’t have official temple priesthoods.  Oddly, the topics of most spells are pretty much the same as back then.   WhiteRose’s Spellbook