Sodalite Charm Candle Spell

~ From WhiteRose’s Eternal Charm Candle series ~

The candle for this spell was blue and came wrapped in with the spell below along with a small sodalite pendant.  Votive candles work well and are very inexpensive.  As for the sodalite, using a loose stone instead of a pendant is perfectly fine.  You will also need some paper & a pen. The highlighted portion of the text below appeared on the outside label.  The spell was printed on the inside of the label.

NOTE: This is a very emotionally charged exercise.  Do this as often as you need to.  If you are very empathic, do it regularly.  You may not fully complete it the first time.  Do not push yourself further than you are comfortable.  It is perfectly normal to take a long time to do this, long enough that a small candle may burn itself out.  That’s OK.  The candle is a focusing and cleansing tool but once you get into the spell, the candle isn’t that important.  Part of this spell requires you to burn paper.  See the very bottom of the page for suggestions, safety tips, and what to do if you cannot burn the papers.

Sodalite is a known for its powers emotional healing. It is helpful in allowing us to see the truth of our feelings and helps us to verbalize them.  Sodalite can also help us to discover greater wisdom in our lives and the universe. 

Begin by finding a quiet, undisturbed area.  Light the candle and make sure the pendant, paper & pen are close to it.  Focus on the flame and breathe deeply.  Take several slow, deep breaths.  Focus on the sound of your breathing as you do.  Push your worries out of your mind as best you can.  Pick up the pendant and hold it in your hands.  Know what it is and what power it has (read the highlighted text above).  Carefully pass the pendant over the flame three times, do not let it touch the flames directly.  Each time imagine the crystal becoming ‘clean’ of all energies that are not supposed to be there.  Take the cleansed pendant and hold it in your hands.  You should now feel that the stone is much stronger now.  Visualized a soft, blue glow come from the stone.  See it becoming larger and larger until it completely surrounds you.  You feel safe and calm.  Your mind feels stronger, your thoughts are more clear. Take three deep cleansing breaths & let the energy become a part of you.

Now it is time to begin the process of emotional healing.  Take your paper and pen and write down what you feel.  Draw a line down the center of your paper.  One column will be positive emotions, the second will be negative emotions.  Hold the stone in one hand & with the other begin to write.  Write down every word of how you feel. Don’t worry about grammar and punctuation. Make lists, write in fragments, draw, doodle, etc.  Use as many sheet so of paper as you need.  The important thing is to get it all out of your system.  As you write, cry, scream, slam your fists on the table, stomp your feet, laugh hysterically, smile the biggest smile you can, experience your emotions fully and completely.  Feel the stone magnifying the good and absorbing the bad.  When you are through, hold the pendant and let its energies overwhelm you once again.  Feel its strength making you stronger mentally and emotionally.  Take three slow deep cleansing breaths.  Your body, mind, and spirit should feel lighter, as if a heavy burden has been lifted.  Now, take your paper (s) to the sink with the lit candle and burn it**.  Know that this is a new beginning.  As you watch the papers burn, know that you are freed from the burden of carrying all that excessive emotion.  Know that the negativity is being consumed and the positivity is being released into the Universe.  When you are through, take three more deep cleansing breaths.  Hold the stone tightly and let it serve as a physical reminder that you can control your emotions and the burdens they sometimes bring.

Let the crystal serve as a reminder whenever you feel you need emotional healing or anytime you are meditating.  Keep it in a safe place & repeat this process anytime you feel that too much emotion has built up on your life.

Sodalite Charm Candle Spell - WhiteRose's Eternal Charm Candles

Tips for Burning the Papers:

  • When burning papers in a sink, do so only in a metal sink unless you know your sink won’t be stained or harmed by the flames.  If you aren’t sure, don’t use your sink! If you have an outdoor grill, fireplace or fire pit, burn the papers there.
  • Do not leave burning paper unattended for even a brief moment.
  • Yes this will set off your smoke alarm if doing it indoors!!
  • If you do not have a suitable place to burn the papers, fold them up and put them in a dark place.  When you have a chance, find a local park that has an outdoor grill.  Burn them there & be sure to have water to douse the ashes or to keep the fire under control.
  • Always be sure to have water and/or a fire extinguisher on hand to douse flames.  Use basic common sense here.

If you absolutely cannot burn the papers:

Tear them up into very tiny shreds.  Let the tearing be a cathartic exercise. Let it symbolize you tearing your emotional burden apart.  Put the shreds in water until they become mush (can take many hours).  Strain out the water and put the mush in the trash.  You may want to do this is batches if you have a lot of papers.  After each session, use the crystal to cleanse yourself as we did in the spell above.

WhiteRose’s Sodalite Charm Candle Spell.