Rose Quartz Charm Candle Spell

~ From WhiteRose’s Eternal Charm Candle series ~

The candle for this spell was pink and came wrapped in with the spell below along with a small rose quartz pendant.  Votive candles work well and are very inexpensive.  As for the rose quartz, using a loose stone instead of a pendant is perfectly fine.  You will also need some paper & a pen. The highlighted portion of the text below appeared on the outside label.  The spell was printed on the inside of the label.

NOTE: This is a very emotionally charged exercise.  Do this as often as you need to.  You may not fully complete it the first time.  It will be upsetting but also uplifting.  You need to deal with, and release, the negativity before you can focus on all the positive aspects of who you are.  It is perfectly normal to take a long time to do this, long enough that a small candle may burn itself out.  That’s OK.  The candle is a focusing and cleansing tool but once you get into the spell, the candle isn’t that important.  Part of this spell requires you to burn paper.  See the very bottom of the page for suggestions, safety tips, and what to do if you cannot burn the papers.

Rose quartz is a known as the Love Stone.  It helps us to heal our anger, fear and self doubt.  It helps us open ourselves to love and helps us learn to express love.  In combination with the pink candle, the rose quartz charm can be further empowered to help you heal and learn to love. 

Begin by finding a quiet, undisturbed area.  Light the candle and make sure the pendant, pen, and paper are close to it.  Focus on the flame and breath deeply.  Take three slow, deep cleansing breaths.  Do you best to push your worries out of your mind for the time being.  Pick up the pendant and hold it in your hands.  Know what it is and what power it has (read the highlighted text above). Carefully pass the rose quartz over the flame three times, be careful not to touch the stone to the flame itself.  Each time the crystal passes over the flame, visualize the crystal becoming ‘clean’ of all energies that are not supposed to be there.  Take the cleansed pendant and hold it in your hands.  The stone should now feel stronger.  Visualize a soft pink glow coming from the stone.  It feels gentle and loving.  Visualize that glowing light getting larger and larger until it completely surrounds you.  Feel that energy becoming one with you.  You feel calm, safe, and a overwhelming feeling of love.

Now it is time to cleanse yourself.  Set the crystal by the candle. Take your paper and pen and write down what you feel.  Write about your pain, anguish, self-doubt, and fear.  Get it all out.  Write down every word of how you feel.  Cry, scream, shout, pound your fists on the table – cleanse your spirit.  This is how the healing process begins.  Only when you face the truth of your life can you begin on a positive note.  Calm yourself with several slow deep cleansing breaths. Hold the crystal in your hands once again.  Feel that loving, calm energy embrace you.  It is time to focus on the positive.  Set the crystal by the candle (it’s OK if the candle has burned itself out).  This time write down everything you like about yourself.  It doesn’t matter how small, or silly, or trivial it might seem – write it down.  Each time a negative thought comes to mind feel the energy from the stone push it away, far away.  If it persists, return to the first set of papers and start writing about that negative thought that won’t go away.  This is normal and is perfectly OK.  The writing process can awaken deeply buried sources of negativity, and some of them take longer to surface than others.  After dealing with any additional negatives, return to the list of positives. Once you’ve finished your list of positives, rewrite that list.  This time write slowly and focus on each point carefully.  Relish in how awesome and amazing each one of those positives is – and how awesome and unique each one makes you!

When you are through, hold the pendant and let its energies overwhelm you.  Feel its strength making you stronger.  Feel the overwhelming sense of confidence, pride, and love in yourself.  Take three more slow, deep cleansing breaths.  Take the papers that deal with your negativity to the sink, outdoor grill, fireplace, or fire pit with the lit candle (or lighter) and burn them**.  Do not do this in the sink if you have a lot of papers to burn (see below for suggestions).  Make sure you have water on hand if you are not using the sink. As you watch the papers burn, know that this is a new beginning.  A new you.  The old you is now ashes to be carried away with the water.

When you are through, fold the paper(s) with the positive qualities up and keep them in a safe place.  Keep the crystal near by.  Each time you discover or develop a new positive trait, add it to the list.  Review the list periodically to keep yourself focused on your positive qualities.  Let both your list & the stone serve as a reminder whenever you need a little support.  If you know you will be confronted with a trying situation, keep the stone with you to provide a physical reminder of how amazing you are.

Rose Quartz Charm Candle Spell - WhiteRose's Eternal Charm Candles

Tips for Burning the Papers:

  • When burning papers in a sink, do so only in a metal sink unless you know your sink won’t be stained or harmed by the flames.  If you aren’t sure, don’t use your sink! If you have an outdoor grill, fireplace or fire pit, burn the papers there.
  • Do not leave burning paper unattended for even a brief moment.
  • Yes this will set off your smoke alarm if doing it indoors!!
  • If you do not have a suitable place to burn the papers, fold them up and put them in a dark place.  When you have a chance, find a local park that has an outdoor grill.  Burn them there & be sure to have water to douse the ashes or to keep the fire under control.
  • Always be sure to have water and/or a fire extinguisher on hand to douse flames.  Use basic common sense here.

If you absolutely cannot burn the papers:

Tear them up into very tiny shreds.  Let the tearing be a cathartic exercise. Let it symbolize you tearing your own negativity apart.  Put the shreds in water until they become mush (can take many hours).  Strain out the water and put the mush in the trash.  You may want to do this is batches if you have a lot of papers.  After each session, use the crystal to cleanse yourself as we did in the spell above.