A Quick Guide to Crystal Magick

Finding the Right Crystal:

Ask anyone experienced in crystal use & they will tell you that the best way to select a crystal is to find that one that “feels” right. What does that mean? Simple, if you pick it up & it feels like it belongs there or it really catches your eye, that’s the one for you. When working towards a goal or purpose, research the crystal(s) that best suit the goal & then go shopping. However, be open to what the universe is telling you. If you go to the store to buy amber but quartz calls to you, there’s a reason. Often, when we set out to accomplish something, there are underlying reasons, motivations, & energies that we need to deal with but don’t realize it. The universe will guide you to what you need, even if it doesn’t agree with the book. Trust the universe first.  A Quick Guide to Crystal Magick

Also, do not think that because a book says that in order to achieve your goal, you need to find a black diamond that you actually HAVE to get one. Substitution is not settling for less, its knowing that universe provides many solutions for many problems. Don’t think that buying the ’prettiest’ or most expensive crystal will make it work better. Don’t think that you have to BUY the crystal, sometimes the best crystal is the one you trip over in the woods.

Cleansing Your New Crystal:

There are many ways to cleanse your new crystal of any unwanted influence or energies. Any of the methods here can be used for any crystal, but some work better than others with certain crystals. More detail on that can be found elsewhere.

  • One of the best methods is to cleanse in a bowl of water mixed with sea salt. Wash the crystal & dry it thoroughly. Some have also suggested leaving the crystal in the water overnight in the light of the full moon (best for quartz, moonstone, etc).
  • Another method is cleansing with smoke, or smudging the crystal. This can be accomplished by passing the crystal through the smoke of sage, frankincense, myrrh, or other herb/resin/blend that is good for purification.
  • The last method that will be covered is purifying by flame. This is best done for crystals that are fire element crystals (obsidian, etc). Carefully & quickly pass the crystal through the flame of a candle two or three times.

Using all three methods will completely insure the crystal is totally clean of 99% of any negative or unwanted influence.

Suggestions On How To Use Your New Crystal:

Now that you have selected the crystal that’s right for you & cleansed it, how do you utilize its power? First, it must be made clear that any crystal is a TOOL, it will not make you rich, beautiful, healthy, etc. It can assist you in making your goals a reality, but you have to be working towards those goals. Each crystal is like a battery; they can store & release energy. When you need energy, store it there & you can retrieve it when needed. When you need to have energies removed, you can put them into the stone. With that in mind, here are the basics in crystal magick:

  • In meditation. Using crystals in mediation is easy. Simply hold the crystal in your hand, wear it around your neck or place it close to you while you meditate. It can add its energies to yours, open new doorways, etc.
  • In ritual. Crystals can be used to represent the elements and the Deities. They can be used to add energy to spellwork, placed at various points around your magick circle to protect, or used to remove negative energies.
  • Everyday. The easiest way to utilize the power of crystals is to wear them. Whether it be in a necklace, a ring, or a bracelet, keeping the crystal close to your skin will allow it to work with you all day long. Crystals make excellent amulets & can be charged with very specific purposes (such as protection). Another way to use them is to keep them close to areas that you frequent. Place crystals by your bed, under your pillow, in your office, in your car, in your purse, where ever you may need them.

Life Expectancy:

This may sound a bit odd since a crystal can literally last forever, but bare in mind that it may not be with you that long. Often times people ‘outgrow’ their crystals or feel that they have need to give it to a specific person. This is normal. When a crystal has fulfilled its purpose, it may ‘send the signal’ that it needs to be released. Sometimes this is not voluntary. You may be wandering through daily life & realize that you pendant is no longer with you, or come home to find the crystal by your bed has somehow vanished. Don’t spend the rest of your life searching. If it needs to come back it will & if not, the crystal was no longer needed.

A Quick Guide to Crystal Magick

A quick Guide to Crystal Magick.