Crystal Magick

The crystal magick section was created to house all of the crystal-specific spells I made for my shop.  I’ve also included the pamphlet I created for my shop that gives you a very basic introduction to working with crystals.

When these spells were written, I had to try to fit all of the text on a label.  This made some of the spells a bit awkward.  Since I don’t have that issue anymore, I’ve been revising them.  The spells should be a bit easier to understand and, therefore, more effective when cast.

WhiteRose's Book of Shadows - Crystal Magick

Please understand that crystals are a tool.  Magick lies within you and only you.  Tools like crystals, incense, statuary, and the like help you put your mind into the proper state so magick can be performed.  Tools are not necessary.  Do not spend a fortune buying over-priced crystals, gems, & minerals with the false belief that you need them. You don’t need them.  Just like you can exercise perfectly fine without a gym membership, so to can you cast magick without tools.  Tools make it easier in the beginning, just a gym membership can help motivate you to exercise more.  Having something external to you, like a crystal, can be very helpful.  Please don’t think you need a specific crystal in order for the spells to work  YOU and only you possess magick.  Any crystal, stone, or random rock will do.  If you don’t have money for fancy crystals, grab a random stone from your yard, parking lot, or local woods.

Pagans throughout history did not use crystals, gems, minerals (heretofore called ‘rocks’) like we do today.  If they used any type of rock, it was one they found around their home or in the areas they traveled.  Merchants didn’t sell a dozen kinds of rocks.  Rocks are very heavy.  Unless those rocks were gold, diamonds, rubies, or emeralds, they weren’t going to be loaded onto horse drawn carts.  Most people couldn’t have afforded fancy crystals & stones for magic even if that had been available.  Also, many of the rocks you can buy today were unknown in the ancient world – and I’m not talking about the man-made ones either.  You have to dig pretty deep to get to some of the minerals & crystals (rocks) and that was damn hard without dynamite.

Long story short, don’t think your spell will fail because you don’t have the proper rock.  Don’t think that a rock, by itself, is going to do anything for you.  YOU are the magick, not the rock, not the wand, not the incense, not the statue, not the jewelry, not the clothing, not anything else.  Just you. Your mind may focus better with rocks than with statuary.  Other witch may be the reverse.  Each of us is different.  Experiment with different tools but keep in mind that you should be working toward developing your ability to work magick without them.