Lunar Deities of Other Regions

The table below lists the Roman deities that had an association with the moon.  They can be called upon for rituals, spells, and other magical work relating to Moon Magick.  Lunar Deities

As always, before working with any of them, do some research to become familiar with all of their facets, lest you be caught off guard by their ways.  Each Higher Power is unique in they way they approach a situation – some may be very straightforward, others brutal, and others gentle.  If you are unsure who to pick, you should instead begin with a spell written by someone else, or do a lot more research.  Do not rush into any magical work.  Take your time and understand your actions, and their potential consequences, fully before proceeding.

GabrielBiblicalArchangel of the Moon
GidjaAustraliaMoon God
HinaHawaiiMoon Goddess
Men /MenePhrygiaMoon God
Wahini-Hai PolynesiaCreatress of the world and Mother Goddess, called The Moon
ArastGuaraniMoon Goddess
MawuFonMoon Goddess
SinagTinguian, PhilippinesThe Moon
LunaIbanag, PhilippinesThe Moon, daughter of the Sun God.
TaioLakalai / NakanaiMoon Goddess

Lunar Deities