Dark Moon Incense Recipe

~ from the WhiteRose’s Herbal Magick collection ~

This one of the incense blends I created for my shop.  I had easy access to all these ingredients.  My apologies to those of you who have difficulty procuring them. I make some suggestions at the end to help you.


1/4 cup sandalwood powder
1/8 cup patchouli
1/2 cup myrrh
10 drops of jasmine essential oil
4 drop of chamomile (or lemon) essential oil

  1. Mix dry ingredients thoroughly.
  2. Mix oils together and then add them to the dry ingredients.
  3. Allow the oils to dry before burning.
  4. Burn over charcoal in a well ventilated room.  Dark Moon Incense
  • Use only dried herbs.
  • Finely chopped and/or ground herbs work best.  Use a coffee grinder or food processor to chop herbs.  NEVER use a coffee grinder that has been, or will be, used for coffee (because coffee oils will survive washing as do various oils from herbs).
  • Can’t find an ingredient? I would recommend checking with your local pagan shop, spice stores, tea shops for ingredients, and online.  Grocery stores should be used as a last resort as the quality of the herbs sold isn’t the best (a lesson I learned once I opened my shop).

 Dark Moon Incense Recipe

Please note:   These herbs are combined for their magickal properties, not their aromatic properties.