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    Content Removal or Update:

    If I have hosted your content in error, please accept my apologies.  This site was started in 1995 as my online notebook.  I did not always keep track of where the information came from.  In the early 2000s I began crediting all of the sources but some are missing.  While I tried to remove that information I’m sure I missed some.  Additionally, please check your records to ensure that you did not give me permission.  I do have printed copies of the permissions I received over the years.  My maiden name was Changeri, you may have provided permission prior to my marriage.

    If I am using your content but you would like me to add in a link to your current website, blog, or online presence, I would be happy to do so.


    Content Submissions:

    If you would like to submit content, I’m more than happy consider anything you might add.  Please include any and all sources of information that you used.  I reserve the right to reject any submissions, without reason.

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