Why Only 4 Sabbat Rituals?

Why only 4 sabbat rituals?  A few reasons…..

When I first opened my shop, it didn’t occur to me to ask if we could use the massive field out back.  I didn’t know, at first, that our land lady owned all that.  Once it was completed the store was already in trouble.  Unbeknownst to me, my business partner was stealing money left & right.

The next problem is that I simply lost a few of them.  I evidently didn’t upload the sabbat rituals right after performing them.  I think I still have a box containing all the original scrolls, banners, and altar books I created.  When I find it, I’ll try to see if the missing rituals are there.  I vaguely remember doing a Mabon & Yule ritual but they are no where to be found.  Hopefully the missing sabbat rituals will reappear but there’s a good reason why they might not.

Technically there is a lot of information that is missing from the site.  My former business partner not only stole money from our shop but he would sell off (or just give away) my personal books, statuary, and anything else he thought he could.  He also tossed stuff he didn’t think was important (including bills and past due notices).  At least a few of those books had notes in them and I know some of the other paperwork contained info that I planned to put on this site.  In essence, some of the materials are just long gone.  It’s my own fault for not uploading everything immediately – and for trusting a controlling, manipulative jackass.

Why only 4 sabbat rituals? WhiteRosesGarden.com